Thursday, February 20, 2014


So again haven't blogged in like forever... but I promise one is coming soon! I will be doing a post on the newest deadly orbit episode (Minecraft: Deadly Orbit - Israphel in Space (#7)). Check out the video and prepare for another cool post! :) I will also update the poll question as well. All of this will be done this weekend!

Check out the Deadly Orbit video if you haven't already.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

How do you want SoI to end?

So I usually do my monthly poll on the right hand side of the blog, but I thought I might do something a little more open ended. So... if SoI could end ANY way that you wanted, how would you conclude the series? Feel free to be as creative as you want, but don't change anything that has happened already. Also if you can, try to start where Part 42: "The Oasis" ended off. Just comment with your own ending. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with! And when SoI starts back up, you can check the endings to the actual one.

So if you are curious here is how I would end it.

So after they get the "healing herbs" for Professor_Webley, I see our heroes going back to help him heal. Now I think that they go to the tomb, and somewhere in there is when KP comes back (yes I do still believe that he is not dead). I think they will then head to Icaria, since they have mentioned this place since Mistral City burned down but they have never traveled there. Here they will meet up with all the good guys that went to the city (those from Mistral, the carnies, pirates, skylords, dwarves, etc) and they will prepare for battle. Now that they have the last map that links to the fragmented map, I think once they realize all the numbers match up they will head to the X. Now I am not sure what the X is (they said early on that it was Israphel's lair but they also mentioned in part 37 that they need to go to the tomb of Peculier's ancestors so idk) but I am assuming it is still the lair. It is really inconvenient that they were close before, but I don't know how they would get to all these places they brought up before battling. But it works in my ending lol. So I want them all to travel in some HUGE pack of good guys back into the desert and then they are met by Israphel, the bosses, and a ton of evil Tinmen. There is a huge fight with hopefully amazing video, and I think that KP, Xephos, and Honeydew will see Israphel fleeing into his lair and chase after him while fighting continues. They follow him through a portal and through more hallways, and corner him in a sort of large throne room, and Daisy_Duke Granny_Bacon, KP's father and mother are there as a hostage (Yes they are all still alive and just captured. Granny_Bacon, although believed to be a zombie, was actually a minion of Israphel disguised as her). After a lot of dramatic dialogue, and some fighting technicalities I have not yet sorted out in my head, KP will kill Israphel. He avenged everyone and saved his love. Honeydew got his bacon as Madame_Nubescu's prophesy said, and in my ending everything is happy. I would also want there to be some hint at the end of Israphel's spirit continuing to keep it in an open ending. A great thing would be to have his spirit after his death go into Xephos. Not only would it work with the skin thing, but also they can tie SoI into Yoglabs, with Xephos already doing some questionable things in the lab. So yeah... my ending in a nutshell.

"How Do I Craft This Again?" Possible? SoI Reference...

So this possible SoI hint comes from some readers that commented on my previous blog post. Jacob Coughenour posted a few pictures in a comment about a date hidden in the newest Yogscast Minecraft parody "How Do I Craft This Again?" As you can see in the photo below, when the book is flipping through crafting recipes, there is the date 31-11-13 (which means 11-31-13 for us Americans) in the bottom right corner of the book.
Youtube - courtesy of Jacob Coughenour
Now I will admit that at first I get really excited at the idea of another possible date leak. But before everyone gets their undies in a twist, just think: How many days are in November? The answer: 30. Now that is depressing... lol

But I think it is a good prank on the part of the Yogscast. They got us... or many of us. The comments were even going wild with people so excited that SoI would be back on the imaginary November 31st.
Youtube - courtesy of Jacob Coughenour
Now given the past videos and cover photos laced with references to SoI, this isn't surprising. But I really don't see how someone can look at that date and automatically think it is about SoI. It doesn't mention SoI, and the crafting recipe on the page is stairs. Why stairs? I would think if they wanted to really make a solid relation between the date and SoI, make the recipe a map or something. 

Correction 10.13.13
So thanks to the cube boyz for his comment :) I didn't notice that the frame actually said SoI 31-11-13. I thought it just had a date. So yeah ignore what I said before about it not really being about SoI. But here is a better screenshot in 1080p full screened of the reference.You will need to click on the image below to view it larger because at the size on the blog you can't really see it.


But it is just a troll since the 31st doesn't exist... unless it is code for December 1st... lol

Haha but really if you want to see the video and try to find the hidden date for yourself you can check it out down below or on Youtube. And as always if you see anything cool about SoI anywhere, feel free to comment. Links to pics/webpages would be preferred. Thanks!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Yoglabs SoI References

So I was planning on posting this, and also got a comment on my previous poll post from Josoob. The most recent episode of Yoglabs, titled "Raiders of the Lost Archives #1," goes on a mini treasure hunt for a needed piece of machinery for one of Yoglab's researchers. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out right down below. If you don't want any spoilers, watch it before reading on.

So as you can see from watching, they made many references and inside jokes to different people/places/videos, including Shadow of Israphel. The first reference occurs when Simon is looking through random chests and happens upon a book entitled, "Shadow of Israphel Script."


The second is a long conversation before they reach the eyeball. Simon sees a chest that says, "Warning SUPER TOP SECRET." Lewis mentions that the chest contains a project that he is working on. Like the dwarf that Simon is, he decides to open the chest. But as the cautious minecraft players I know many of you are, you can see by the red outline on the chest lock that this is a trapped chest. Lewis is protecting whatever is inside.
So Simon opens the chest to find numerous pieces of paper with the same title as the book he found earlier. He is surprised to say the least. I don't know about you, but I was really excited to see this chest, and to have another reference to the series.

But alas, soon after Simon opens the chest, the trap goes off and everything explodes and lands into a pool of lava. So heartbreaking. He had to dwarf it up yet again, and now all of that work is gone. lol In response to his blunder, he says, “Oh well, well that’s going to delay it another year” and “Sorry everyone, sorry, my bad." Although saddening on a certain level, it was funny for them to make this a part of the episode. 

I thought it was refreshing to have another SoI reference in a video. It has been a while since the last rumored craze of its return. Also, it has been a little rough after passing the one year mark and now at over 14 months, but I think these little teases help to mend a fan's broken heart. Just kidding. But really it is nice to see that SoI is a thought in their minds. Also in another post that is long overdue that I need to make, someone commenting on the cover photo pages sent me a link to a post that has Lewis talking about the relation of Yoglabs to SoI. I will hopefully get that post done today too. High reaching goals :)

But I hope everyone loved the SoI references in this episode, and I'm hoping for possibly more in Part #2. Once again if you see anything on forums, facebook, reddit, or wherever pertaining to SoI rumored returns, episode secrets, or anything, please comment on any post and I will see it. Links to posts and video titles/times would be appreciated so I can find things faster. Thanks and hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

August/September Poll Results and Posting Updates

Hey all! Sorry if it seems like I have disappeared... I went back to school in the middle of August and that plus working plus trying to have some life and sleep really took my time away. But here are the August September poll results:

It seems like a lot of you have only seen the series a few times, and some admitted to watching frequently but haven't kept track. Personally I haven't counted myself, but I know I am definitely in the 20+ group.

So nothing has changed recently... still no SoI, the forums are pretty relaxed from the small amount of reading I do there, and they haven't updated the cover photo in over two months. So really I didn't miss anything... I have been watching their videos, and I love that they are doing a lot of different maps with other Yogscast members and I am really liking the 241 map Lewis and Simon are doing.

So I will take another browse around and see if I can find anything to blog about. And if you see anything cool while browsing please feel free to comment on any video with what you find and a link/video time if possible. I get email updates for every comment so I will see it! Thanks!

Friday, August 2, 2013

July Poll Results!

So I am going to start posing the results for the polls I post on the blog. I will do a question each month, and then blog the results for you :) So for July's question, most of you would want to be Skylords or Dwarfs! I would probably want to be a Skylord too if I were in SoI. Here are the final results for you to see:
132 people voted!!! Thank you so much. Just seeing people vote makes me happy and lets me know that you guys are reading the content. Also, I am over 10k views with is super cool, and I usually get about 100 a day now so thanks to everyone that reads this! And thanks to the Yogscast of creating such a great series. I love it so much that I continue to watch and I love writing about it. And I know there are many people that love it enough to not only watch it but read about it as well!

9/8/13: Cover Photo Hidden SoI Return Conspiracy Bonanza!

Posting up a storm today! Third post. I am finding so many cool things on the forums and I have a lot of spare time. But here is somehting else cool, and it has to do with the most recent cover photo uploaded on July 23rd. Now I could just tell you what someone mentioned on the forums, but I am first going to let you look and see if you can see anything cool or unusual. So here is the normal cover photo.

Here is some space so you don't cheat... scroll down once you think you see something or give up (yay games are fun!)

Ok anything? Did you look at the stars? Constellations can be really cool. These ones in particular spell out the lettters "SOI." Here it is outlined in proper constellation fashion courtesy of MS Paint.

Facebook (Plus paint)
Pretty cool huh? Just thought I would share it. I didn't find this on my own, actually a user by the name of Visions posted about it on the hidden countdown thread I blogged about like a half hour ago. Thought it was interesting enough to share. If you see anything cool like this or in any of the episodes, comment on any post and I will blog about it if it is something cool :) There must be a lot of hidden secrets!


So yeah... hahaha. checking out the cover photo comments and someone mentioned on the sides of the SOI constellation there are numbers... looks like a 98 on the left and a 13 or 15 on the right. I am thinking the numbers are 9813. Which could possibly be a date. 9/8/13. For me and others in America it looks like September 8th, but in the UK it is August 9th. Which also brings up another thing Visions said in his post. He mentioned the battlements are divided into what he said is 9 or 10 up to the first tower, 8 or 9 to honeydew, and 13 the rest of the way. So 9, 8, 13 again. And to make it seem even more like a date for the return of SoI, Youtube geek week is coming up next week the 4th-10th. AND SoI used to be uploaded on Fridays normally, and the 9th just so happens to be the Friday during geek week. Coincidence? Maybe. But it is all a little too perfect. Here's to hoping next Friday will be the day!